Ready to kick the clutter habit?

If you have organizing challenges, general disorganization, and too much clutter, and you are ready to kick the clutter habit, this program might be for you.

"Finally... a program that will help me know what to do with all of my stuff!"

The Organizing Mastery Group

Is a small-group coaching program designed to help you put your organizing into action.  You are supported weekly by like-minded people working together, who are as committed to your success as you are.

Imagine how much happier and relaxed you’d be if any time you wanted to find something, you knew exactly where it was.

It Is Possible!

Jane, a 37 year old accountant in Cambridge, MA with curly hair and a big smile was excited when she was accepted into the Organizing Mastery Program!  A self-admitted “clutter-holic,” Jane said, “I’m just messy.  When I walk into my apartment there’s “stuff” everywhere I look!  Clothes on the floor, glasses out of place, papers everywhere.  I’m ready to live in a clean, uncluttered apartment.”  After class today Jane said, “I have 21 inches of space in my closet!  Yippee!!!”

Sign up today. Only $279 per month.

How does the Organizing Mastery Class work?

Organizing Mastery is a small-group, weekly program that gives you guided assistance with decluttering. It’s as close to hands-on as possible without someone having to come to your home.

You’ll be with Marsha Sims (veteran professional organizer and author) on a live call once a week.

  • You start by selecting a project that you want to work on during your small-group class and send a picture of it to Marsha before class.
  • Marsha comes virtually into your home and works alongside you and your classmates asking questions about various items and your goals for the room or area. Then she tells you what to do, one area (or item) at a time.
  • Marsha helps each classmate get started and suggests what you should do during the class. You go and do it (right now in real time) while she gets the next person started.
  • You send a second picture after about 10 – 20 minutes. Then you come back to the class for more support, and we continue.
  • Keep coming back for more support during the class. When you’ve finished each thing Marsha tells you to do, you come back to class and she will tell you the next thing to do right now (in real time).
  • We all cheer for you when you send Marsha your final picture! At the end of class, Marsha will give you your homework to keep the momentum going between classes.

“It was not tiring. I did not get my usual brain fatigue, because Marsha was doing the thinking for me and all I had to do was collaborate.” Ann B.

Benefits of the Organizing Mastery Class

Everyone remains anonymous. No one sees you. They only see the room you want to work on today.

  1. You will get organizing instructions directly from Marsha, and you will learn even more from listening to others as they work in their rooms also.
  2. Each class is a personalized organizing session. Marsha tells you what to do, and you go and do it (right now in real time) while she gets the next person started. Then you come back to class for more personalized instruction.
  3. You get to learn from each other, and from each other’s mistakes. If you are working in a dining room and your classmate is working in a kitchen, you get to learn kitchen strategies, as well as ideas for additional rooms.
  4. You will be amazed at how much better your room looks and at what you have accomplished by the end of the 90 minute – 2-hour class session. The proof is in the pictures!

“I am always amazed at how much everyone accomplishes during the class. You will be so happy with what you will accomplish with Marsha’s expert help, a supportive group to encourage you and cheer you on, and your goal – the reason you want to get organized in the first place!” Margaret

How long do I have to stay in the program?

At the beginning of the program, we suggest that you make a commitment to work on your home for three months. At the end of three months, you will have had 12 class sessions, and in that time everyone makes significant movement towards being organized.

How will we work together?

All Stages of the Organizing Mastery Program

  • I work with you as an individual, understanding that you have special needs and unique goals for your home or office. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for anyone. You need your issues addressed directly with approaches that will work for you and your family.

  • In our organizing sessions we’ll work to develop your “organizing muscles” and help you with critical decision making skills. After all, “clutter is postponed decisions.” You will learn how to make important decisions quickly. Keep / Sell / Donate / Trash

  • I work in partnership with my students as a coach who helps develop clarity, direction, goals, and plans, and then works to successfully develop and implement those plans.

  • I don’t *do* organizing for my clients, I help them learn and ultimately master the concepts, approaches, and actions necessary to get their homes and offices organized once and for all.

We meet 2 days per week X 2 hours each day

Total hours = 16 hours per month

Breaks down to only $17 per hour

There is NOWHERE you can find a professional organizer to talk to you for $17!!! NOWHERE!!

Sign up today. Only $279 per month.