A Professional Organizer Horror Story!

Yes… it happens!

Sometimes the professional organizer that you hire is not very good.  And some, I hate to say, are downright horrible.orange pumpkin

Here is today’s organizer horror story.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Mary, a tall 73 year old widow in Miami, FL always wanted her house organized.  She had papers strewn about on the tables and the dressers, and a few envelopes scattered on the couch.  She had a piles of clothing to give away, a small pile to mend, and other items of clothing lying around that she had to make decisions about.  The blue basket by the door held items to give charity, and a small pile of dusty books that couldn’t fit on the bookshelf sat on the floor.

Mary saved up and finally hired Garth, a professional organizer she found on Google.  “Garth seemed nice at first, but then he started ordering me around.  I was having a hard time processing all of the things he was ordering me to throw away!”  He would say, “You don’t need that book,” or “Those slippers look ratty; throw them away!  I felt I needed more time to process my feelings about my things, but Garth wanted me to rush.  I threw away a pair of shoes that I really wanted to keep, and I’m still angry about it!”

boo_ghostSo… then what happened?

After spending four hours and several hundred dollars, Mary’s house looked worse.  Garth breezed through Mary’s house and started moving her things around and telling her that her things were in the wrong place.  When the ordeal was over, a tired Mary sat and cried.  The organizer simply made new piles and nothing was put away.  Her house was in worse shape than before. She didn’t understand what the organizer was telling her to do, she had just wasted hundreds of dollars for no reason, and she felt insulted.

A scary scene!

Do you have a professional organizer horror story you would like to share? If so, feel free to hit reply and share your story!

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