The CFO Program

Join the CFO ProgramWhy do you need this program?

Marsha Sims’ Client-Focused CFO Professional Organizer Certification Course is for you if:

1. You want to learn how to get organized for yourself, AND make money helping other people get organized.  Those who have difficulty getting organized often make excellent professional organizers because they understand the “messy mindset.”

2. You already know how to get organized and want to make a living as a professional organizer.

3. You just want to learn how to get yourself organized.

If you believe you could help others to get organized if only you could get the skill for yourself, if you already have excellent organizing skills and you want to learn how to make a living with your talent, or you just want to get organized once and for all, I believe this course is the answer to your dreams.

What would happen if this problem were solved?

You will be able to earn money working with clients as soon as you feel you are ready.

Marsha Sims’ Client-Focused CFO Professional Organizer Certification is the ONLY course that will teach you to get organized AND then teach you all the secrets you need to know to get started making money in your own organizing business… right away!

In other words, this specialization more than anything, is about creating transformational results in your life and your pocket.  The kind of results that keep you inspired to get better every day.

Benefits Bullets:
• You will learn the double skills of organizing, AND working with clients
• You will learn what makes clients tick, and why they are the way they are
• You will learn techniques for organizing even the most resistant clients (and how to make them happy in the process)
• You will learn techniques that range from working with people who are simply cluttered,  to working with those who are chronically disorganized
• You will learn what to do before an appointment to set yourself and the client up for success
• You will learn what to do during an appointment to ensure client satisfaction, what forms to use with clients, and what supplies to bring
• You will learn what to do after an appointment to make clients call you back, how to use follow-up systems, and how to set up client maintenance systems

In every single class:

– You will learn more about the emotional and/or situational states of the client.  You will fully understand reasons why people are disorganized

– This knowledge will help you work on your own organizing challenges, if any.

– You  will learn my organizing techniques.  In every class we will learn how to organize something using the Marsha Sims philosophy.

You will learn by doing:

– Every class requires you to organize something daily, and take pictures of your work.
– You will meet with your partner weekly to complete an assignment that will move you confidently toward your organizing goals.
– You will learn to organize something every week.
– One of your final projects will be to organize one complete room or area in your home or office, or for a client.

Skills for Working With Clients (Client States) – you will learn:

Understanding the messy mindset
Understanding yourself vs. understanding the client
Understanding adult learning modalities (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic)
Understanding the different emotional states of a client
Understanding client situations and how they impact organizing
Understanding how organizing is impacted by mental illness, hoarding, ADD, brain injury, physical impairments, addictions, chronic fatigue, etc.
How to handle difficult clients
Client Abuse (sexual harassment, illegal things you see, ethics, etc.)
How to refrain from judging clients
How to avoid telling clients to throw their things away
How to ensure that clients put their own things in the trash themselves
Making the client feel at ease
Finding out what the client wants
Knowing where to begin
Helping the client to prioritize
Knowing which supplies the client needs
Your approach to the clutter.  What to say / what not to say

The skills of organizing that you will learn:

Residential organizing.

How to organize:Residential_house_cgi_view_large1243947670
Home offices
Bathrooms and living areas
Attics and basements

How to use:

Exit forms
Your supply bag
Small Business organizing:

How to organize:

Supply closets

How to use:

Exit forms
Your supply bag

Files and Filing / Paper Organizing / “Power over paper”:

How to create:

File by Color (SIMS) filing system
Master list
Vertical things to do pile

Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding:

Using boxes
“10 to Win”
Getting help – How to know when you’re in over your head

With Marsha’s CFO (Client Focused Organizing) certification program: 

You will have the opportunity to work with “test clients” that we will provide, if needed (or we will teach you how to find one in your area).
You will be able to leverage the Marsha Sims brand reputation for instant credibility.
You will get the inside secrets to getting paid well as a professional organizer.
You will amaze others as you become skillfully organized.
You will learn to help others to achieve their dream of becoming organized.
You will be able to help yourself while helping others.
You will learn about the emotional states that create disorganization, and ways to work with each one.
You will be able to make money to support your family even in today’s tight economy.
You will leave knowing and being supported by a team of dynamic professionals that you can call on during your transition and
journey towards organization.
You will save money even if you hire a professional organizer, because you will now be an educated consumer.
You will learn why organizing is based on the state of the client, not based on the thing or the room to be organized.
You will learn how to determine the client state.
You will be able to proudly call yourself a professional organizer because now you will have credentials.
You will have the pride of knowing that you are helping others overcome what they see as a debilitating condition.
You will leave with lists of things to say, and techniques for handling even the most challenging of situations.
You will leave with a knowledge of the four personality styles and how to work with each one.
You will work with others in the program to complete assignments.
You will learn practical steps, and will get feedback every step of the way.

If you only want to get organized for yourself:

You will learn what your organizer should know, what he/she should do, and what should happen on every appointment.
You will learn how to make your appointment with an organizer go much faster, and be much more effective, thus saving money.

Final projects:

A before and after book showing your work during the course
Completion of your professional organizer bag
Completion of a two-part final exam
Complete organizing of a room for yourself or for a client
Completion of a class project
You  will leave with all of the forms you need to begin working with your own clients.

How the program works

You may already have the skills needed to organize things and create order from chaos.  But there is a complete difference between organizing  something, and organizing something for someone who is depressed, has ADD, who has just gone through a major life event, or who is a hoarder.  These are completely different.

What my class does is combine the practical organizing of things with my philosophies about how to interact with clients.

1) The class is set up in 10 weekly classes which take you, step-by-step, through all of the facets of organizing, and understanding the client.

2) In each class you will learn how to implement innovative organizing techniques to be successful with clients. You will hear true stories of things that really happened while working with clients, You will learn from Marsha’s successes and failures, great ideas and big mistakes. She is telling all… cramming 21 years of experience into 10 short weeks, to help you know exactly what you can expect when you are working with clients of your own.

3) Marsha will use a combination of small group interaction, lectures, client anecdotes, worksheets, videos, PowerPoint slides, role-plays, handouts, homework, and special projects to make sure that students learn using all of the modalities available in an adult learning context.

4) Through small group and paired projects, students will have a weekly assignment that includes organizing something, then bringing back and sharing before-and-after pictures of their work.

5) Each student will have a final project customized to his / her own individual objectives within the class.  For example, if you only wants to learn to organize for yourself, your final organizing project might be to organize your problem area or room.  If you want to make a living helping other people get organized, your final project might be to organize something for a real, live client.

6) For the students desiring certification, there will be a three-part certification requirement. This will include:

a. An open-book examination to ensure a basic understanding of all of the material covered

b. An individual project to demonstrate an organizing technique.

c. A book of your before-and-after pictures

00132-business-nuts-and-boltsThe Nuts & Bolts of this Course:

1. Learn by doing. You will be paired with other participants as you learn by doing, while also learning from each other.

2. Weekly assignments. You will have weekly assignments requiring you to organize something.  You’ll be taking before-and-after pictures of your work.

3. The weekly assignments not only teach you HOW to organize something, but how to work with different CLIENT STATES.

4. Each class will include a pre-discussion, basic organizing how-to’s, understanding and working with varying client types, an in-class activity to hone  your new skills, discussion, and homework.






“I am recommending that Steven Covey modify his book describing the seven effective habits of highly successful people.  The eighth habit should be, Organize for Success with Marsha Sims.”

“Thank you! Thank you! For the wealth of information you shared with me on the business of organizing. Your experience and insight has prepared and empowered me in starting my business ventures. I read that the traits of a successful proprietor is to research, prepare, read business related material, take business related courses and seek the advice of a successful proprietor.  After listening you, I realized that you followed all of those traits and more to make “Sort It Out, Inc., a success.  You are a true testimony of a skilled, patient and professional proprietor”  Carolyn C. Marshall

 “I began taking Marsha’s Organizing class at the beginning of February so it’s been a couple of months of taking the class.  Since I’ve begun, I’ve learned so much useful information that I’ve been able to put to good use.  Marsha is a very patient teacher. Whatever your question is, she’ll take the time to answer it and we all learn from each other and each other’s questions. I recommend this class. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, and you learn exactly how to do this in Marsha’s Organizing class.” Candy Brignoni”

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are the most awesome organizer I know.  You are amazing. I truly think you do everything perfectly and know all the right things to do and say. I just told my husband that too when I got off the teleconference. I would have called you as I am so inspired, but I you and I always end up talking so long, and it is getting late, so I am writing. Thanks for sharing all that info with us. I could have listened to you all night. Keep in touch.”  Diane Hatcher, Timesavers Services

 “Your words made me feel like “I can really do this.”  Joy Ridley

“You inspired me so much that when I returned home I contacted my local newspaper and sent in the press release that was included in our conference materials.  To my utter amazement, they were interested in printing the press release and a few words about me!!”  Mary Hughes

 “Thanks so much for all you did to make our class fun and exciting! You are definitely gifted for this occupation. I really enjoyed the class and feel that I have picked up many new things that will benefit me in my work! You are awesome!”  Kitty Austin

 “Your class was wonderful, and I learned a lot!  You surely have a flare for teaching and a kind spirit.”  Cricket


Bonus #1: Fast Start to earning Extra Income for Professional Organizers – 2 hr Advanced Marketing training to get you earning money quickly ($97. Value)

Part 1 – How to determine how much you can earn

Part 2 – Getting all the appointments you want

Bonus #2: Professional Organizer Marketing Packet – 13 special guides you need to promote your business ($97. Value)

·         How do to a business card

·         How to select your company name

·         How to do a newsletter

·         How to write a press release

·         How to write an ad

·         How to create an attention grabbing flyer

·         How to do a radio interview

·         How to do a speech

·         Marketing for introverts and extroverts leverage your personality style           for more profits

·         20 ways to promote your business

·         200 Guerrilla (Low cost, high impact) marketing tools

·         How to do a marketing plan

·         Understanding (M.A.P.S.) the difference between Marketing,  Advertising, PR, and Sales

Bonus #3:  A Clarity for Success Session – A 1 hour, 1:1 Session where Marsha helps you to access where you are, and how to achieve your desired results from professional organizing. ($175 Value)

Don’t forget our very special bonus, which is, a customized recording of your own individual questions and answers.  You create your list of questions at any time during the program, and we will record the Q&A session for you.  Unless private, all Q&A sessions are recorded and made available to all students in the program.  It is through these BONUS CONVERSATIONS that students can get even more depth than the course outline would cover.

This is your opportunity to join the Marsha Sims organizing community, and become a vital member of a community of professional organizers.

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