SOS Organizing Program (This makes no sense)

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What is it?


Why do you need this program?

You need the SOS Organizing Program because you have had enough, and you are ready to solve the problem of disorganization once and for all.  You are tired of the ridicule, the fear of judgement of others, you are tired of your children being ashamed to bring friends home, and you are tired of your significant other complaining or feeling sad about your living conditions.

You need this program because you have tried and tried to gain control of your clutter, only to fail again.  You should sign up because this is the one program that understands you and where you have been.  Marsha Sims understands your journey, and she can help you.

You need this program if you feel that getting organizing is impossible, that you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of $$ to get organized, that your time is limited or you need to work on your own timetable, that you are willing to learn how to do it the right way, and you’re willing to give yourself another chance.

How will an online program benefit you?

This class is the closest thing to being one-on-one with Marsha Sims’s organizing methods.  It’s as close as a telephone conversation with your best friend.  Because Marsha started out as a messie person, she is the best person to gently take you by the hand and help you.  She talks to you, one friend to another, and teaches you how to eliminate clutter and make decisions, one item or paper at a time, until you can see the light for yourself.  An online class is physically freeing, because you are not restricted by time (or time zone.).  You can literally take the class at any time that suits you.  You are a late sleeper?  You can take the class when you wake up.  You are a night owl? You can take the class at 3am.  You are not restricted.

You should take an online class because the class is priced so that it is an affordable way to get the organizing advice and support you need, and includes everything you could get in person… including additional help if you need it. This class is the next best thing to being in person, one-on-one with Marsha.

What would happen if this problem were solved?

You could breathe a sigh of relief, and enjoy your home, instead of feeling like your home is your burden.

You could finally live the life you’ve always wanted to live.  You could take a guilt-cree vacation, knowing that everything is in order on the homefront.  You could give proper instructions to staff and not have to worry that they won’t be able to find things.  Your children could have company… heck, YOU could have company without having to rush around and clean up first!

What’s the main thing that would be different?

You would never again have to be embarrassed of your space, or worry that you can’t finish projects on time.  You would have the right amount of things in your space, and you wouldn’t have crowded surfaces and countertops.  Your table would be clean, and you could eat meals without having to move stacks of papers and stuff first.  You could welcome your friends over any time without having to rush around and clean up before they got there.  YOu could finally breathe, and relax, and enjoy your home like other people seem to be able to enjoy theirs.  LIfe would be much less stressful.

Benefits you will get from your SOS Program

You will learn:

-The best way to control , contain and conquer the clutter in your world
-How to create the organized home and office you have always wanted
-How to make the changes required to eliminate clutter
-The way to create a happier workplace and home for yourself and those around you
-Great clutter clearing techniques that are proven to work
-To avoid frustration and feel energized when working on eliminating your -paper piles
-What to keep and what to throw away
-How to find everything that you’ve filed in under a minute
-Techniques for getting started and avoiding procrastination
-Effortless strategies that make papers practically file themselves
-Where each paper should go, and what to do with every single piece of paper
-How to always know where everything goes
-How to get up the courage to open the boxes… every day…until they are all empty
-How to estimate long it will take to eliminate your clutter
-Easy ways to get over your own resistance to starting
-Little tricks to keep you going even when you want to stop
-To free yourself from the fear of what’s in the boxes
-How to move from Information to action… and action to maintenance

You will get:

-A sleek module every month that breaks organizing down into do-able steps
-Action-oriented activities and steps with every module
-Periodic “action challenges” that move you from where you are to an organized space more quickly
-Monthly “action-sheet” in every module for you to list your goals, and check off your actions
-A monthly coaching call where you can ask questions, and get personalized answers that will help you and encourage everyone on the call
-Opportunities to participate in a bi-monthly mastermind group to help keep you accountable
-A personalized “buddy,” and a small group to support and encourage you every step of the way
-Membership in a club “forum” where you can interact with others with the same problems
-Challenging assignments
-Organizing concepts that work whether you are organizing paper, time, or “stuff”
-Organizing principles that work whether you are organizing a home, a business, a process, time management, or trying to conquer procrastination
-Access to Marsha Sims by phone if you get stuck
-Ability to retain and listen to the class recordings… forever

A summary of what you will get:

·         An ongoing, comprehensive course in “Getting Organized and Clutter Free”.
·         One class recording
·         One  monthly workbook.
·         Private class forum
·         Monthly coaching call
·         Buddy to work with
·         Mastermind group
·         Monthly challenges (earn prizes!)

All the information and support you need to get organized & stay organized… forever

How the Program works

Getting rid of clutter won’t happen overnight.  Our program works the way you work… in bite-sized pieces we call “modules.”

Every month you will receive a pre-recorded class and an extensive, multi-page fill-in-the-blanks workbook.  You will go through the class and follow along. You complete the exercises in your home, office or problem area on your own time, and the workbook will help to reinforce the lessons you learned.

When you complete the exercises, and you have 30 days between classes to do so, you will become masterful at being organized, and maintaining it. Your environment will be a bastion of clutter-free organizing. Your friends and loved ones will be astonished…….They may not recognize you… new confidence can do that!


This program gives you the time to master one class at a time without having to feel rushed, so if you know you are always busy this is perfect for you. You can simply practice anytime during the thirty day cycle and be ready to move on to the next skill when the new module comes the following month.


There are no surprises. This program is for those who may not have a lot of money right now, but are serious about ending their messiness. If that is you, pay very close attention because a deal like this does not last forever.  Only $27 per month!


“Thank you for this amazing class! I have been trying to get organized for YEARS. I have made more progress in the last 10 days with your program than I have in the last 7 years of struggling by myself.”

 “This morning my family went to a charity event. When we arrived home and walked into the house I looked around and said, “WOW! It looks just like a real, normal house where real, normal people live!” No dirty dishes, no stuff on the floors of the main living areas, beds made. AMAZING! I no longer feel that it is hopeless.”

 “I learned HOW to decide what to keep and what to throw away… and where to put the stuff I want to keep!  I’m so excited!  THANK YOU for showing me how to do it. You are right. Organizing is like working a muscle and making it stronger… I need more exercise.”

“I was afraid my house would revert back after module 12, so I stayed in the program for the coaching suppor calls.  I’m amazed!  EVERYONE in the group is doing excellently!  Their before-and-after pictures (posted in the forum) are amazing!  You have managed to create a support system that helps everyone help each other.  You are amazing, and I’m honored to be a part of this wonderful program!”

“I’m a hoarder.  When I started SOS it was out of desperation, because I don’t want to die like this.  You have been so patient and kind to me.  When I’ve called, you patiently went through items with me and it was like a big sister was holding my hand.  YOu gave me the strength and encouragement to keep going.  Now I’ve been able to keep my dining room table clean, and I’m so grateful.  Yes, I have a lot more to go.  But with your help, I now am starting to believe it is possible to stop hoarding.  I’m so grateful to you!  Thank you!”

“I opened my _____ business because I’m good at what I do.  But the papers have caught up to me and are the bane of my existence!  Thank you for teaching me how to get on top of all of that!  Now I can work and breathe easier because I can find things!”

Student’s before-and-after pictures
Sound clips testimonials


When you sign up for the SOS Organizing Program you will get a copy of Sandra Felton’s helpful book, “”Five BIG IDEAS… that can fix your house and your life FOREVER!”

Or Marsha’s “Get Back on Track” Kit

Or Sandra’s, “I’ve Got to Get Rid of this Stuff.”

Take Action Now!

Are you finally ready for clutter-solutions that inspire, challenge and unleash your hidden growth capacity? Are you ready to develop the inner and outer game that ignites you to get your organizing done your way?  Do you want to reach your next level of growth and performance with our game-changing organizational systems and programs? I know you do.  We all do.  So, sign up today and have clear surfaces by Thursday!  Don’t let another embarrassing weekend (with someone knocking at your door) go by!

My Guarantee for the Program

Although it is impossible to guarantee that you will make a specific amount of progress in the program I do offer the following guarantee: If you fully participate in the one-year SOS Organizing Program you will clear surfaces, and have a better outlook on life.  If this does not happen after a year, I will continue to work with you personally until you achieve that goal.

“After getting my main surfaces cleared off, I cleared off the chairs and the floors.  I feel so much better!  My husband is happy, and that makes me happy!” Janelle

I estimate that Janelle has gotten at least a 40 times return on her her investment in this program. I can’t promise you’ll do the same, but if you clear your surfaces and feel better in your space, and create a happy family as a byproduct (which is typical), this will be the best investment you’ll ever make!