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The Organizing Mastery Program

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Hi, I’m Marsha Sims of Action Plan  Organizing.

Would you like to take your organizing to a whole new level of success this year?

The Organizing Mastery Program is a one-year organizing and organizing acceleration program for people who truly want to get organized.

Does this describe where you are in your organizing right now?

  • You are doing pretty well in your organizingbut you have very little “organizing momentum” – that is, despite your best intentions, you are not putting many organizing plans into action.
  • You are passionate about succeeding with your organizing, taking things to the next level and working on the projects you have avoided for so long. You’re ready to finally make a difference.
  • You’d like to master organizing “once and for all”so that you have the foundation, skills, momentum and confidence to get organized once and for all. And you’d like to do this in a balanced and sane way instead of spinning your wheels with organizing activities that don’t work.
  • You are willing to do the work to make it happen– if only there was a program that could get you there step-by-step without hype, empty promises and strategies that are so complicated nobody could make them work.

If so, the Organizing Mastery Program is designed to not only teach you what to do and how to do it, but gives you the hands-on support to put what you learn into action and start doing it.

The Organizing Mastery program doesn’t work with any secret “Silver Bullet” organizing techniques and strategies but by mastering the fundamentals of organizing and then taking them to the next level and beyond with organizing strategies designed for results.

The formula is simple. If you want to get organized, and stay that way… finally, you need to focus on three main areas:

  1. Develop step-by-step organizing strategiesand action plans that get you motivated and inspired.
  2. Develop and implement step-by-step activitiesthat help you, so you will know what to do every day.
  3. Work on the limiting mindsets that hold you backand that keep you from consistently making forward movement.

It’s as simple as that. Below I’ll tell you all about the Organizing Mastery Program, what you can expect if you join it and how it is structured to produce such powerful results.
Objectives of the Program

In this program you will learn and implement the three key disciplines of Outcome-Based Organizing:

  1. You will develop a complete organizing strategy for your home and/or office designed to get you the most bang for your buck. I’ll work with you hands-on to create your strategy, including your schematic, and any materials and supplies you will need.
  2. You will create and implement step-by-step organizing plansdesigned to successfully move you, one step at a time, from where you are to where you want to be with your organizing.  I’ll help you get up to speed as quickly as possible to put your plan into action. More on this below. 
  3. You will master a proven organizational systemthat will work for you from inception to completion of your projects. For many, this is the key to the program. Ultimately, we’ll help you understand the key concepts that have made organizing hard for you in the past, and move you into action so these will never be a problem again.

In addition we’ll focus on these other key areas:

  1. Goals, Project and Time Management– You’ll take managing projects and time to a whole new level. The program will give you many more things to do yet you’ll learn ways to fit it all in with less stress and overwhelm. This will include a simple but powerful time and project management system.
  2. Organizing Mindset– You’ll learn advanced skills for overcoming any limiting mindset related to organizing. Limiting beliefs and mindsets don’t need to hold you back. By the end of the program, most participants have overcome major barriers and fears related to tackling and organizing their time, space, and clutter.
  3. Organizing Technology– You’ll get the tools and step-by-step “recipes” for implementing any organizing activities that involve online technology, from apps, to email management, from teleconferences to web pages. We’ll help you find and use technology that will work for you, that’s easy for you to implement.
  4. Organizing Community– You’ll have developed powerful relationships with your fellow Organizing Mastery Participants, plus connections to all of our Organizing Mastery graduates through our Organizing Mastery Alliance Program. You’ll receive support, resources and assistance from this community.

The Results and Benefits You Can Expect

The Organizing Mastery Program is about increasing your organizing skills and learning the systems and tools that will enable you to keep organizing effectively year after year. But it’s also about having organized spaces that you enjoy that you will be able to share with your clients, friends and/or  family; The people that you love being with and making a contribution to. Here are some other benefits and results you can expect to achieve through the Organizing Mastery Program.

Take your organizing to the next level (whatever that is for you). In the first stages of the program you will create a focused vision and specific goals for your organizing projects, including financial and project goals.

Create a momentum in your organizing, and create a system that is unstoppable. This includes mastering the art of “Getting Unstuck” so that no circumstances, either external or internal can stop you. You will gain the ability to be detached from obstacles and engaged in moving forward.

Have balance in your life. This means managing your time and energies so that you run your organizing project, your organizing project doesn’t run you. It also means being in a position to make a lasting contribution to your family, your clients and your community.

Make Organizing Fun. Anything can be fun once you know how to do it and can create consistent results. The same goes for organizing. It’s really fun when you can attack any room or project, and create beauty and order with relative ease.

Discovering the Power of Affiliation and Collaboration. Often the best way to promote your organizing is to leverage the relationship you have with others. We’ll show you how to create these kinds of affiliations.

How to Create Organizing Experiences. If you are organizing your home, we’ll find ways to bring your children and your significant other on board.  If you are organizing your office, we’ll do the same with your staff. Once someone has experienced the power of what you will learn to do, it’s a lot easier to get them to be supportive. We’ll help you design and implement these organizing experiences.

Finding Your Power as a Newly Organized Person. Power comes from doing and producing results. When you know you can implement a plan that works, you’ll be freed up to focus on the needs of your family and your clients, instead of scrambling the way you are doing now.

Actual results below.
Actual Participant Results

In the Organizing Mastery program we have had some exceptional results. Here are some recent results reported by Marsha’s students from both this year and past years:

Liz Guthridge – Connect Consulting Group: For the first time I was able to get through all of the piles on my desk and create a system that really works for me.  Now I can find everything in my files, and my master list stays right where it belongs… first folder; first drawer!

Chris Henderson- Leadership Connections: My secretary’s desk was piled so high we couldn’t see her at her desk.  It was my fault because I kept handing her things. Now we have a system that works for everyone.  She’s happier, and I can sleep at night… and it’s all because of your program!

Al Ritter – Ritter Consulting Group: As a result of your program I can bring clients into my office.  Before, we had a waiting area and a meeting area, but I didn’t dare bring anyone into my office because I would lose credibility!  Now we still have a waiting area and a meeting area, but I no longer feel the shame that had me keeping my office door closed.

Mark Thompson – DPI: Before your program I was the joke of the office.  I just couldn’t figure out how to have the time to get to everything, and my desk and floor piles told the story!  In Organizing Mastery I learned systems to help me get on top of my work.  They’re not laughing now.

Cheryl Binda – Binda Consultants: I cried when my daughter said, “don’t worry about trying to clean up mom, I don’t want my friends to come here anyway.”  She was trying to be nice, but I was so humiliated.  It seemed no matter how hard I tried, the house stayed disheveled.  During the nine months I worked on systems for each area of my home. Now my home stays “company ready,” and I am providing a normal environment for my children.

Jim Smith – The executive Happiness Coach: I was afraid to take your class; I thought it wouldn’t work for me. I didn’t want to fail again. You wouldn’t let me fail, and I’m so grateful! Thank you for the 10pm calls and the persistent accountability.  If I said I wanted to do it, you gently nudged me until it was done. Now my world is turned right-side up.  Thank you for you and this wonderful program!

Sal Sylvester – 512 Solutions: As a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of six I never had time for anything… especially myself!  I took this program because I needed a lifeline, and WOW!  You actually helped me find time in my day!  The improvement is unbelievable!  My husband is happy because he’s not coming home to a wining, depleted, complaining wife… and I’m happy because I don’t feel so empty.  This was a great investment in our lives!

Thomas Witt – Thomas Witt Consulting: My husband is a hoarder.  I took the program to help him, my sanity, and our marriage.  You taught me how to cope, and how to help him (help himself).  We are grateful.

Jamie Broughton – Footprint Leadership: Participation in the Mastery Program was an exceptional experience for me. It gave me the end-to-end process of organizing my small business, and gave me more time for creating, writing about, promoting and selling my unbelievable product. Because of your program I have generated $200K in additional revenue for each of the last two years; my investment in the program was a clear no-brainer. Thanks Marsha for all your great work.

Sharon Rich – Leadership Incorporated: Marsha doesn’t just tell you what to do; she works alongside you, picking your brain, to help you come up with your own systems.  Her process is masterful.

Another fake person – Another fake description: When we retired and moved from a 4200 square foot home in Michigan to a 1700 square foot condo, we had to rent three storage units to store all of our stuff.  Three years later we were still paying rent on the storage units, and I decided it was enough.  I didn’t want to hire someone to go through our stuff, and I knew I had to do it, so my husband and I took your course for help and support.  I’m pleased to announce that the storage units are empty, and we are very happy in our new condo.  With the money we saved on the storage units, we took a trip to Europe!

Lisa Mullis – Blue Marble Creative: I’m a serious hoarder.  I’ve hired organizers, talked to psychologists, and signed up for every program for hoarding, but nothing worked until I signed up with your program.  Somehow you made me want to do it.  You kept reminding me of my why’s, and you broke the work down to being doable.  I thought, “I can be compulsive about cleaning; not just saving.”  You supported me every step of the way.  I’m one of the lucky ones.  Your stories about your life and your other clients were very helpful also.  It was an investment I’d do over and over, but luckily now I won’t have to.

Working Mom Story – Replace another one with this one: I received your program as a gift, and I almost didn’t take it.  I thought, “when will I have time to do any organizing assignments?”  With two teenagers and a sick parent, and a demanding full-time job, I just didn’t think I could do it.  But, you gently asked me about my goals, and helped me discover that underneath all of the running around I had goals and dreams.  Then you helped me build some of them into my week.  I’m so happy and excited because the book I am writing is almost finished, and the deck has gotten started!  My life has opened up in a way I never dreamed possible, because I had almost lost my dream. Thank you, Marsha

The truth is, I’m very happy with these results, but not surprised anymore.  We are in the middle of Organizing Mastery 3 and the great results the participants are getting are becoming predictable, not the exception. People are getting their homes in order, getting their offices  organized, and getting their time back.  Don’t live under stress… Stress kills.

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Three Big Things that Make the Mastery Program Different

What makes this program different? After all, there are many ways, workshops, books and programs that could help you with your organizing. And there are a lot of important components to the program, all of which make a difference, however the following are perhaps the most important.

  1. The Participants

The key difference in this program is the level of the participants. This is not a organizing program for people who are just thinking about getting organized. It is for those who already have invested a substantial amount of time in trying to get organized, and are ready to stop playing games and get their organizing done. It is also for those who have already applied some of the Action Plan Organizing principles to their organizing. They have tried and failed, or tried and found success and then it all fell apart. The key is, they have tried.

In the current Organizing Mastery Program, participants have worked productively together to help each other, to brainstorm, share resources and expertise, give emotional support and on rare occasions meet and organize together. Each of the Organizing Mastery groups is a collection of extraordinary people. And this is the case because I don’t accept everyone who applies. I’m picky!

  1. Proven Organizing Models

I’ve been working with People who want to get Organized for over 25 years. In that time my organizing classes, workshops and techniques have been like an organizing laboratory, where I researched, tested, fine-tuned and perfected various organizing methods, systems and models. These are not arbitrary, “flavor-of-the-month” approaches to getting organized. They work.

  1. The Hands-On Coaching

The information, strategies and techniques in this program are proven to help you get organized – if you use them. But that’s the problem with most programs, courses and books. The information goes in one ear and out the other. It’s rarely translated into action.

In the Mastery Program I go beyond information, strategies and techniques and work with you closely and intensively in individual sessions to make sure you implement what you learn. Each step of the way you’ll get training, guidance, and coaching to put what you’ve learned into action. As a result, this program ensures you get results.

To listen to the impact the current program has had on participants, you can listen to a teleclass (and video testimonials at this link: Mastery Intro TeleClasses)

Implementing Organizing Best Practices

In the course of the Organizing Mastery Program, you’ll learn, study and implement best practices in organizing. You won’t just learn “general skills” but “step-by-step organizing practices” proven to consistently produce results. And most importantly, we won’t tell you just “what to do,” we’ll show you exactly “how to do it.” Here are a few examples.

  • How to create aplan for your organizing that gets you excited and moving, and that gets you visibility.
  • How to deepen relationshipswith those you care about, in your home and office.
  • How to follow upin a wide variety of situations that are happening all at the same time.
  • How to prioritize and manageyour organizing activities so that you get all your organizing projects done.
  • How to conduct organizing conversations for when you really need to hire a professional.

Why do you need a program like this?

Because you want to take your organizing to places that your current efforts will simply not get you. You know the kind of work it took to get your organizing to where it is now. It wasn’t easy. And along the way, you got support in the form of books, programs, coaching and workshops. (Or perhaps you were one of the rare few who did it mostly on their own.)

What I discovered, is that some kind of structured support makes all the difference. But not all support is created equal. Some support is rather random, with a few ideas and inspiration here and there. This might be good for some who are just getting started, but isn’t sufficient to build a solid organized foundation that will work month in and month out for years on end.

We tend to go only as far as our current knowledge, plans and limitations.

With new knowledge, plans and attitudes, what we can accomplish is virtually unlimited. Sadly, very few people even reach a fraction of their potential in their organizing (or other areas of their life, for that matter).

Within the structure of the Organizing Mastery Program, you will enter a “high stakes game” where you’ll play and work at a level that you have rarely experienced.

In the Organizing Mastery Program you will:

  • Step outside your comfort zoneand take on projects that you once considered impossible.
  • Work with your mastermind group at a level of commitment and excellencethat will accelerate your results beyond the expected.
  • Get past limiting beliefs,states of mind and behaviors that have been holding you back for your whole life.
  • Experience wins and successesthat are not just episodic, but that are repeatable and predictable.
  • Feel true satisfaction and fulfillmentas a newly organized person that will spill over in to all areas of your life.

How do you know if you’re right for this program?

This program is not for everyone, it’s for busy Professionals who may or may not be more advanced in their organizing, but who need to get on top of the things they need to do. Typically participants in this program fit the following criteria:

  1. You are the owner of a Professional Service Organizing.You are a professional. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you have aspirations of going further, but your family life is suffering.  You need more time, and you need it quickly.  You may have a family, or you may be waiting to start one.
  2. You are already successful, or you are on the right track.Typically participants are professionals (doctors, attorneys, real estate professionals, accountants, HR directors, self-employed professionals, corporate trainers, IT professionals, etc.), and enjoy working in the company of other professionals. Our participants are already successful, which means you already have some systems that work. You just want them to work better so you can achieve your goals.
  3. You are disciplined and are good at getting things done.You demonstrate this by your quality and consistency of work, and high standards of integrity. You likely exercise regularly, manage your life well and are interested in personal growth and life balance.
  4. You are a lifelong learner.You are focused on discovering ways to make things work better, make a bigger contribution and earn more money. You want to take your organizing to a whole new level of success and workability.
  5. Despite your success, you still feel your organizing systems are inadequate. You need more time, or have built your organizing mainly by word-of-mouth and some random organizing activities. But you now realize that if you are to earn more, you need a proven organizing system that will help you take things to the next level.

When I talk to people about the Mastery Program, they often ask about the quality of the other participants. Well, I screen them according to the criteria above, so that’s your answer! As I said earlier, we have the best people in this program you can imagine. (Listen to some participant comments here.)

We tend to attract many international participants. In the current Organizing Mastery we have participants from 4 countries. We’ve had participants from Canada, the UK, France, Germany, and Australia, so don’t let being outside of the country stop you from participating. However, the majority of our participants are from the U.S.

Some concerns or fears you may have

It is quite an undertaking to join a one-year program! Above all else, you want to make sure you get the value you’re looking for and actually gain the skills to get organized more effectively, not to mention implement these ideas and get your organizing where you want it to be.

Here are a few of the concerns past participants have raised:

Will the information in this program address my needs? Will I be able to apply what I learn?

  1. If you are an Independent Professional, the information and organizing models taught in this program has been used successfully with hundreds of people over the 25 years I have been working with clients. If you are willing to make the effort to learn and apply this information, it will work for you. We have seen no exceptions to this up to this point.

Will the other participants be quality people?

  1. I make a great effort to screen the people who participate in this program. They are successful, professional and fun people! You will learn as much from them as you will learn from me. You’ll have ample opportunity to work with the other participants, through the group coaching sessions, the workshop, conference and your mastermind group, and your program projects.

What if I get stuck? After all, I’ve avoided implementing organizing up to this point! How can I be sure I’ll implement it during the Mastery Program?

  1. Good question. The short answer is, we hold your feet to the fire and give you continual support in moving into action. In the first part of the program before the workshop you’ll create a series of powerful challenges and goals for yourself. Everyone completes them. And you’ll get hands-on support to make sure it happens. After the 3-day workshop (about 2-months into the program) you’ll have detailed organizing action plans that we’ll work on together step-by-step. And if you get stuck for any other reason, you’ll get the coaching and support you need to move forward.

Is it really possible to increase my organizing by 100% or more?

  1. We cannot guarantee that everyone will hit their goal during the program; some will reach this goal after the program ends. It depends upon your commitment and effort. But we are always focused on supporting you in taking the actions that will increase your chances of success compared to trying to accomplish this on your own.

What if I have to miss one or more of the Group Teleconference Sessions?

  1. This happens with everyone. You may have prescheduled vacations or an emergency. However, we ask you to make these a priority, and not to schedule anything over these sessions unless absolutely necessary.

The good news is that all these sessions are recorded and available to you online shortly after the session.

What if I don’t like the program (for whatever reason)?

  1. I can’t guarantee you’ll always like the program. In the program we push you past your comfort zone. We make you question your limiting beliefs. We challenge you to do things you’ve never done before. And this isn’t always fun! However I want to assure you that I’m always working to make this program not only an effective vehicle for growing your organizing, but an experience you will remember and value for a lifetime. Although it won’t always be easy, the final results will be more than worth the effort.

One thing is absolutely guaranteed: You’ll spend a lot of time laughing as you learn. I take this program and the participants seriously, but I try not to take myself too seriously, and one of my big priorities is to have fun myself. I’ve noticed that if I’m having fun, everyone is getting the value they came for.

I have too much clutter.  Paper, mail, email, and just plain stuff. Can you help me with that?

  1. Yes… absolutely! Clutter is simply postponed decisions.  As you work through the program, making decisions and re-thinking everything in your work, you’ll be making decisions and plans for the physical “stuff” in your world.   

The Structure of the Program Includes:

  1. Two Mastery Group Sessionsby teleconference (and sometimes webinar) per month. Each meeting is approximately 90 minutes long. Sessions will be recorded if you need to miss a session. Sessions are on Wednesday afternoons – currently at 1:30 PM Eastern time.
  2. One (or more) small group meeting per month with your “Mastermind Group”of 3-4 program participants. We’ll match you with compatible participants and provide guidelines for a regular mastermind group where you’ll work on assignments, share expertise and resources and give support in moving forward.
  3. A minimum of one individual meeting with Marsha Sims by telephone each month.Depending on what you are working on, we often schedule them more often. Sessions are typically 60 to 90 minutes. If you need to talk anytime, or have questions, I’m available.
  4. Feedback on materials and answering questions by email. Marsha is available to you for anything you need during the course of the program. This often includes editing your schematic, reviewing your master list, advice on clutter control or “where to put things,” helping you get unstuck when you are working on a project, and outlining specific organizing action plans.
  5. An Organizing Mastery Report sent to Marsha every month (week),logging the progress in implementing your Organizing Plans. This is one of the simplest but most powerful parts of the program. It keeps you focused, on-track and accountable.
  6. Participation in the SOS Organizing Program– using the materials and resources in the SOS Organizing Program as needed. If you are already a member, I suspend your club membership fee for a year. ((unclear – say it’s free… or keep them away from the SOS program.)
  7. A hard copy of one of my books, depending on your personal situation: “Organizing Your Day, “Smart Office Organizing,” or “5 Days to a Clutter-Free House.” 
  8. A 3-day Intensive Workshop – “The Organizing Mastery Workshop” – (described directly below).
  9. Organizing Mastery Alliance Conference(optional) – In Month/Year – A gathering of Organizing Mastery Graduates and current Participants.

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Three-Day “Organizing Mastery Workshop”

Held in a hotel in the San Francisco Airport area in Month/Year, we will work together intensively for three days to convey the fundamentals of the HEOB Organizing System. Here’s the basic outline of the workshop.

Thursday – Organizing Conversations, Written Organizing Materials

Friday – Selling Conversations – with lots of practice and feedback

Saturday – Organizing Mindsets, Marekting Action Plans, Project and Time Management.

The workshop includes all materials and meals. Lodging and transportation are your responsibility. 

After the workshop we will work together in the Mastery Program to implement the principles you’ve learned to make the HEOB System of organizing a reality, not a theory.

A description of the structure of the program, however, really doesn’t do it justice. You will be immersed in a process of organizing your organizing in a whole different way and be supported in following through to make it happen.
Dates of the Program

Program Applications – The program will be open for applications in Month/Year. Please do not apply now.

Pre-Program Work – From mid February to early April we’ll get you started right away with assignments to get you moving in the right direction. You’ll get all of the information you need to start thinking though your individual problems, and planning your organizing approach.

Teleconference Sessions – Starts Month/Year. Twice monthly (on Wednesday afternoons) through March 2014. You’ll get the complete teleconference schedule once you apply.

Workshop Intensive – Located in the San Francisco Bay Airport area. (see details above) Dates: Thurs, May 30 to Saturday June 1. (mark your calendars)

Individual Coaching Sessions – Scheduled monthly (or more if needed).

Organizing Mastery Alliance Conference – Month/Year – Held in the SF Airport area

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Fee for Program

Once you apply for the Organizing Mastery Program, I will send you the fee and payment terms. I break the fee down into affordable monthly payments. I’ve found that it works better to give you the fee after you apply. This way you can focus on the program and what you want to get out of it before you calculate whether it will fit your budget or not. Given that participants have increased their incomes from 25% to 300% as a result of the program, the fee is low in comparison. Please do not let concerns about the fee stop you from applying.
My Guarantee for the Program

Although it is impossible to guarantee that you will get a specific amount of organizing done in the program I do offer the following guarantee: If you fully participate in the one-year Organizing Mastery Program you will earn a minimum of double what you have invested in the program with new organizing you would not have generated otherwise. If you have not reached that financial goal, at minimum, I will continue to work with you personally until you achieve that financial goal.

“After generating $200K in additional revenue for each of the last two years, my investment in the program was a clear no-brainer.” – Jamie Broughton – Footprint Leadership.

I estimate that Jamie has gotten at least a 40 times return on his investment in this program. I can’t promise you’ll do the same, but if you increase your income by $50K to $100K (which is typical) this will be the best investment you’ll ever make in your organizing.
Get a Complimentary “Organizing Mastery Strategy Session”

The next Mastery Program will begin in Month/Year. Once you have applied, I will read over your application and determine if you are a good candidate for the program. If you are, I’ll set up a focused “Organizing Mastery Strategy Session.”

In this session we’ll explore where you are in your organizing now, where you’d like to take your organizing, what challenges might stop you in getting there, and what steps you need to take to ensure your success. I’ll also answer any questions you might have about the Organizing Mastery Program and we’ll see if it’s the right step for you or not.

If I don’t think you’re a good candidate for the program, you’ll receive a personal email with my reasons and suggestions for next steps.
Apply now for the Organizing Mastery Program

If you think this program may be for you, here’s what to do: Fill out the application below completely so I know about your situation in some depth. Then I’ll get back to you and, if appropriate, offer you a complimentary one-hour Organizing Mastery Strategy Session.

Note: Please fill out all fields of the application completely. This really helps be determine if you are a good fit for the program. Partially filled out applications will not be considered.

I urge you to apply early. I’ll be setting up appointments in the order the applications are received. I’ll get back to you in a day or two to set up your Organizing Mastery Strategy Session.

One more thing. please make sure you read over every single word on this page. I really want you to be very clear about everything in this program before you apply!

Note that the deadline for applications is Friday, Month/Year. If after that point, if we have a few more spaces, we’ll open the program another week or two for applications.

All the best,

Marsha Sims

Note: Please do not apply now. Applications for the next Organizing Mastery will open in late 201X for the program starting in 201X. 

Organizing Name
City, State, Country
Email address
Kind of organizing
Existing web site
Please tell me a little about your organizing. What do you do, who are your clients and what are the services or programs you offer? Waht makes your organizing unique?
What is the approximate annual income generated from your organizing?
What is your annual income goal?
Are you full time in your organizing or part time? Right now we’re only able to accept those who are full time in their organizing.
How many years have you been in your current organizing?
What Action Plan Organizing Products or Programs have you used?  Action Plan Organizing Club
Fast Track Program or Workshop
Individual Coaching
Organizing Action Group
InfoGuru Organizing Manual
Web Site ToolKit
Audio Programs
What are your biggest organizing (and selling) challenges? That is, what do you struggle with and what has been hard for your to accomplish up to this point in your organizing? Don’t hold back here. These are the things that you’ll handle forever in the program.
What is your organizing activity? That is, how many hours, on average, do you spend on organizing activities in a month? This would include any activities designed to attract clients to your organizing (other than sales appointments).
What is your sales activity? That is, how many sales appointments do you conduct a month, on average? A sales appointment is a meeting under favorable conditions where the prospect is seriously considering using your services.
What is your sales effectiveness? That is, for all the sales appointments you have, what percentage, on average, do you turn those appointments into a new client? (this can be in-person or on the phone).
What is an average sale in your organizing? That is, what is the average dollar amount you earn from a first-time client?
What is a client’s average lifetime value? That is, over the lifetime of an average client, how much do you think you earn?
Please list three big organizing goals you’d like to accomplish in the next year. These can be income goals or other accomplishments. The more detail here, the better.
Outside interests. Please let me know about other things that are important to you in your life. What have you accomplished, what do you excel at? Hobbies, exercise, learning, etc.
Why specifically are you interested in the Organizing Mastery Program? Why do you think this would be a good program to help you grow your organizing?
Availability for Organizing Mastery Strategy Session. I’ll be meeting with applicants starting Thurs, Feb 2 to Friday, Feb 17. Please give me three dates and times that will work best for you. I can’t promise I can fit you into that time, but I’ll do my best! Please note – the only meeting times still available are between Thursday, Feb 3 and Friday, Feb 17 between 2 pm and 6 pm Pacific time.

My commitment is to get back to you within one organizing days or less.


All the best,

Marsha Sims