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Marsha Sims has co-authored five books on getting organized: “Organizing Your Day,” “Smart Office Organizing,” “5 Days to a Clutter-Free House” (Baker Books), 10 Time Management Tips that will Organize Your Life, and one book in German, in Germany “Eikenfranken du Burro” (I can’t even read it!).



 Eikenfranchen las burro

Written in German; for sale in Germany and online. 

Smart Office Organizing

Smart Office Organizing is an upbeat must-read for anyone who feels organizationally challenged and would like to change their office space for the better. 

Whether your office is at work or at home, Omart Office Organizing offers you tips and tricks for reining in the chaos and creating a personalized system that works. 

Organizing Your Day

Where did your day go? Are you surrounded by half-finished to-do lists and can’t seem to get anything done? Are you waiting for the day you can finally get caught up at work? Do you wish you had more time to spend with friends and family or starting that new project you’ve been putting off? 

Top organizing and time-management experts Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims show you how to take back your day and finally get to tackle everything on your to-do list in this go-to book. 

5 Steps to a Clutter-Free House

This book is full of quick, easy ways to clear up your space. You want to reduce the clutter in your home, organize what’s left, and keep it that way. If the sheer scope of the project give you an anxiety attack, don’t let fear stop you! Organizing and time management experts Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims show you how, with the right game plan and a healthy dose of adrenaline, you’re just 5 days from your goal.

10 Time Management Choices That Can Change Your Life

From goal setting, project management, and to-do lists to daily scheduling, creating new habits, and curing chronic lateness, the topics covered in this practical book help busy readers take control of their time.


Power over Paper II – Filing – $15.00

Get Organized With Marsha Sims

Bundle Pack – All Three CD’s