Organizing Mastery Program

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How Does the Organizing Mastery Program Work?

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Before and After Organizing Mastery Pictures

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Here’s What Participants Said this Week:

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“I’ve never accomplished so much on my own before!”  Maylene

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“It’s amazing what we accomplish in every class!” Jennifer

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“I feel like I’m not the only one with this problem.” Deborah

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“I love the support of the group” Earl

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Where did all of the stuff go?

If it’s in your house now, it fits.  It’s just in the wrong place! In Organizing Mastery, we figure out where it belongs, and you put it there!

Is it easy to do?

YES!  It’s totally easy if you have a phone (or a camera) that will send a picture. We’ll show you how!


  • if you are truly serious about getting control of your clutter,
  • if your clutter or disorganization is keeping you from the quality of life that you deserve
  • This program WILL work for you!!!
The organizing mastery class is like hiring a professional organizer who is focused on you at a fraction of the cost. You get real-time advice and encouragement from others struggling with the same problem. The progress is amazing and the weekly homework assignments help to continue the momentum throughout the week.All work is completed during class! If you’re ready to really make lasting changes and keep moving forward in your organizing this is the right class for you.

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