How We Work


What it’s like to work with (or take a class with) Sort-It-Out?

On this page I’ll tell you the kind of results our clients have reported, and I’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and how we’re different than most professional organizing companies… and how our classes are different than most organizers’ classes.

Results you can expect:

When you work with us you can expect to see almost immediate changes in the way your home or office looks.  Your surfaces will start to appear, and then become clear, as if by magic.  You will begin to develop systems that support you, and you will start feeling comfortable inviting people into your home or office again.

As the clutter begins to melt away, your attitude will begin to improve.  Hopelessness will start to turn to belief, and you will begin to enjoy your surroundings once more. With less stress, you will find that you’ll start to 5-Tips-Clutter-Free-Entrywayparticipate in your life more fully, conflicts will be reduced significantly, and you’ll feel a lot less struggle and effort in accomplishing your day-to-day tasks.

Overall, our process will have you tearfully thankful as you gain confidence in your renewed ability to take back control of your physical spaces, and your ability to find what you need when you need it.

Guiding Beliefs and Values

You can do this!

Organizing is not hard; but when you are surrounded by ”stuff,” it feels like an impossible journey to undertake.  We believe that YOU CAN DO THIS, evidenced by the hundreds who have done it successfully. (see testimonials)

Clutter is simply postponed decisions

Everything that’s in the wrong place is there because you haven’t made a decision as to where it should go, what you want to do with it, what you want to call it, if you really want it or not, etc… As you develop your “organizing muscles,” and learn to make decisions, clutter will start to melt away.  I promise!

Organizing is about surfaces

Look in any “make-your-house-lovely” magazine and what do you see?  CLEAR SURFACES!  If you clear off surfaces, you will start to feel more organized, you’ll start getting compliments, and you’ll start to feel proud of your home again!  First we clear surfaces, then we develop systems.  And what do we do with all of the stuff that’s on the surfaces?  We learn techniques such as “removing the wrong things,” and “how to know where everything goes.”  Where does everything go?  It goes in the right place, because we are removing things from the wrong places.  You’ll see… it all works!

In order to get organized you need to have the correct systems, the correct habits, and the correct tools

If you have the world’s most perfect filing cabinet, but you don’t have a good system for your files (a “filing system”), or the habit to file on a regular basis; it won’t work.  If you have the best system, with beautiful orderly folders, but you don’t have a file cabinet, or the habit to keep it up; it won’t work.  If you have the most consistent habits ever… and you file daily, but you don’t have enough file cabinet capacity, or a good system; it won’t work.  You need all three… system, habits, and tools in order to get organized and stay organized.

It’s NEVER about the stuff!

I can teach anyone how to organize a storage closet (or counter or garage, or filing system, etc.), but organizing a storage closet for a person with A.D.D. is a completely different world than organizing a closet for someone who is depressed, which is a completely different world than organizing a closet for someone who is downsizing, which is a completely different world than organizing a closet for someone who is a hoarder, which is a completely different world than organizing a closet for someone who has a new baby or a new spouse.  It’s not about the stuff, it’s all about the person, and their situation (or “client state”.)  When we lose sight of the person, and try a one-size-fits-all approach, it rarely works.

I know you can do it, because I’ve done it!

I can’t judge you, because I’ve been where you are.  And I understand the struggle, and the mindset it takes to crawl out of this problem.  It’s painful; it hurts.  We don’t want to be this way, and when we are ready, we need compassionate (yet strong) help to get better.  And we need other, like minded people to support us and tell us we are doing a good job.  Our organizing community is here to help you stay focused and keep you on track.

Join a community of like-minded people

You should not have to struggle alone.  When you are in our classes, you will be in a community that supports you.  You’ll have a “buddy” to work alongside you, and you’ll always have access to a professional organizer if you get stuck.  You’ll be invited to a weekly meeting to support your progress.  We believe in accountability.  If you say you’re going to do something; we (gently) hold you to it.

Our Approach

“We’re sensitive, we’re compassionate, we do not judge you, and above all, we listen!”  We know that your struggle to get organized has not been an easy one.  And we know that different people need (and want) different things. You may want a hands-on organizing consultant, you may want to learn how to get organized for yourself, or you may want to ultimately learn how to help others get organized.  We understand that one size does not fit all. Because of that, we have a variety of service modules and programs (see services page) that address a wide variety of issues and ways to help you achieve your dream. We treat everyone with the same compassionate attitude, no matter which programs you select, because we want you to get organized with the least amount of struggle, in the way that supports you best.”

Our Uniqueness

What makes Sort-It-Out different from every other organizing service is three things:

Our Love – Yes!  There is a genuine love for our clients, and a genuine joy when they are successful.  We’re about much more than clear, shiny surfaces.  We’re about changing lives!

Our Approach – We treat you like a unique, whole, successful person with one problem, instead of a case to be fixed.  We do not let your “problem” define you.  You are whole and complete and good.  Organizing is not a moral issue… it’s an issue of poor habits, bad systems, or insufficient tools.

Our Variety of ways to help you!  Love to learn by reading?  We’ve written books, manuals, charts, white papers, articles and more!  Love to learn by listening?  We have free webinars here, as well as ongoing classes and seminars.  Love to learn by doing?  You can join one of our hands-on organizing programs.  Love to learn by helping others?  Take our professional organizer training program and help make the world a better place!

What makes our program stand out is our expertise!  Marsha Sims, our veteran organizer, has been successfully helping people get organized since 1992.  With over 20 years experience as a professional organizer, teacher of organization, speaker, trainer and author, she doesn’t  work with theory but with hands-on approaches that are proven to work.  She builds credibility and rapport with all of her students and clients, and makes sure that everyone in all of her programs has the tools and information they need to be successful.

“Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to the Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.”