Become a Professional Organizer

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In tough economic times, the best way to create wealth is to solve other people’s problems as you learn how to solve your own.  It takes the worst of times and transforms it into the best of times. …Are you ready for good times?
Marsha Sims’ Client-Focused CFO Professional Organizer Certification is the ONLY course that will teach you to get organized AND then teach you all the secrets you need to know to get started making money in your own organizing business… right away!
In other words, this specialization more than anything, is about creating transformational results in your life and your pocket.  The kind of results that keep you inspired to get better every day.


Here’s what one student had to say about the course: 


“I had my first client last Thursday and it went great! We organized boxes, shelves & cabinets throughout her home.  As I was working with her, everything I learned from Marsha just flowed out of me.  I couldn’t believe it!  I am glad I stepped out on faith, because Marsha is so right when she says “you learn by doing!”  Melissa G., Florida


Many others are experiencing similar breakthroughs.  Are you ready?
This summary will answer most, if not all, of the questions you have about the course.  I think you will agree that it is all-inclusive, and will solve your organizing problems, quickly.

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To sign up now, contact Marsha Sims –

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Who desperately needs this course?
Marsha Sims’ Client-Focused CFO Professional Organizer Certification Course is for you if:
  1. You want to learn how to get organized for yourself, AND make money helping other people get organized. Those who have difficulty getting organized often make excellent professional organizers because they understand the “messy mindset.”
  1. You already know how to get organized and want to make a living as a professional organizer.
  1. You just want to learn how to get yourself organized.
If you believe you could help others to get organized if only you could get the skill for yourself, if you already have excellent organizing skills and you want to learn how to make a living with your talent, or you just want to get organized once and for all, I believe this course is the answer to your dreams.

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What does it entail?
When you want to become an expert at anything, study what the masters have done before you. Follow in their footsteps and you too will become a master.
When it comes to Professional Organizing there is one master, and that is Marsha Sims. If you know anything about her methodologies, you know she is always most focused on helping you get the results you desire, at a price you can afford.
In every single class you will learn by doing. You will learn::
  • organizing techniques (so you will be effective beginning day one),
  • marketing techniques (including how to ask for and get clients), and
  • a thorough understanding of the clients emotional and/or situational states.
  • Every class includes in-class activities, and a hands-on homework assignment. You will have a final project which includes creating your before-and-after book for marketing yourself as a professional organizer.

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For more information, including:
  • The full details of the certification process
  • More information about how to do the actual organizing, and how to work more effectively with clients.
  • More information about client “states” and the messy mindset (or client personality)
  • More hands-on organizing practice
  • A unique buddy system to keep you accountable while mastering the course teachings
  • The opportunity to earn money while you are in training
Why this class is your BEST OPTION if you are serious about getting organized and making extra money.

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When and Where Will it Be Held?
We have upgraded our program, and all classes are taught live online, personally by Marsha Sims.  All classes are live and interactive.  You will be asked to participate, and work along with your classmates from around the world to complete projects.
All classes will run for 10 consecutive weeks.  This gives you enough time to learn the methodologies, and practice them in your home, and on clients of your own.
Classes are suspended for the remainder of 2015.   For more information, call Marsha Sims – 305-467-8564 or email:
In addition, all classes are recorded every week, so you  never have to miss important class information!
And… you will have constant access to Marsha during the term  of the class.

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How much does it cost?
For all the details about the program, including the price and all of the special bonuses, please click below.
That’s it!  Simple!

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