About Sort-It-Out

About Sort-It-Out, Inc.


Sort it out, Inc. Professional Organizing Service evolved from owner Marsha Sims’ desire to get organized. “It 501268804_newiconwas a personal quest,” said Marsha Sims, founder of Sort-It-Out, Inc.

In the past 23 years SORT-IT-OUT, Inc. has worked with thousands of clients and students to help them achieve a higher level of organization.  Founder and president Marsha Sims started her company as a way to help others learn how to get organized; a skill she felt inspired to learn.  Since then Sort-It-Out, Inc. has grown into one of the top professional organizing companies in the world.

With Sort-It-Out, Inc. you can have it all!  You can get hands-on help, in-person classes on organization, private coaching on your organizational problems, affordable year-long programs to help you get organize in your home, office, and home-office, and training to help you learn to become a certified professional organizer.

Over 200 people in the SOS Organizing Program!

Our SOS Organizing Program draws people from all over the globe who want to get organized and stay that way.  We are especially effective with people who feel disenfranchised; who have tried to get organized and failed; who are really ready now to do what it takes to get organized and stay that way.  Our program combines information with action, in a supportive community that holds you accountable for the things you say you will do for yourself, and at the same time encourages you to do the same for the other people in the program.  We have a private community of over 200 people who want to see you succeed!  We emphasize Information first; action second; support of others in the program third.      Our program provides education and support to those looking for help in a convenient, supportive, and non-judgmental way.

CFO Professional Organizer Certification Programgraduation_diploma

The CFO Professional Organizer Certification Program is the only place where you can learn to get organized and then make money with your new skill.

Because we train and certify our organizers, we know first hand that they are the finest professional organizers anywhere.

CFO Professional Organizers focus on their clients and their special needs; not on “stuff.”  A CFO Organizer will never judge you, because they have been where you are..  They pride themselves on understanding what got your organizing off track in the first place, and creating special strategies to help you get organized… your way.  Our organizers are experts at creating customized organizational systems and solutions that will improve productivity, and relieve your stress. Their approach to organization is customized to accommodate both home and business environments.

All CFO professional organizers are taught to apply proven strategies to help you improve your space, time and activities. They are trained to know that organizing is a skill, and will guide you through a series of behaviors that you can easily acquire, when taught by an experienced professional. Our systems are tailored to the needs of each client, delivering practical hands-on guidance for businesses and individuals.

With specialties in kitchen, closet, garage, residential organizing and decluttering, coupled with skills in paperwork, filing systems, productivity and time management organizing for businesses as well as home offices, you are guaranteed to receive optimal organizing services. Our organizers will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to increase your levels of organization, and the skills to maintain it that way!

As CFO professional organizers, we love our work and we love bringing success to our clients. You will see immediate results and get instant gratification.

Sought by media

Sort-It-Out frequently appears in the Media, having been featured on television, on the radio, in newspapers, magazines, business journals and in blogs.

Over 2000 Happy Clients and Students!

Sort-It-Out has over 2,000 happy clients and students. They get so many thank-you letters they have compiled a booklet called, “Thank You, Marsha”.   Click here to read more testimonial letters and emails!

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About Marsha Sims

2-second bio:

Marsha Sims is a national speaker who has taught seminars on time management and organizing, managing the front desk, and projects and priorities.  She has been a professional organizer for 22 years as the founder and president of her Miami-based company, Sort-It-Out, Inc.

Get to know Marsha Sims


Is getting organized a challenge for you?

With 23 years as a professional organizer, Marsha Sims has seen it all… from socks filed in the file cabinet to tools stored in the oven!

In 1992, Marsha Sims was owner of Sims Realty in Miami Florida. “Hurricane Andrew helped me to make the decision that I wanted to do something else.” Not knowing what to do, Sims met with a professional development coach. “Do this, and you will be really successful” the coach said, handing Sims the application for the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Sims was distraught. “I am holding an application for an organization in my personal area of incompetence.” Years later, Sims recalls that “empathy was my greatest skill in the early years.” Clients appreciated the fact that Marsha would jump right in and learn along with them. Clients were relieved to know that they were not alone, and that they would not be judged because of their lack of neatness. “I used to say, you can do this. I know, because I did it.”  That was 1992. The coach was right. Sort-It-Out has grown, and often the organizers who work for Sort-It-Out come to you with an assistant. “It speeds up the process and allows you to focus on making the decisions necessary for success.”

She understands the problem

At one time a messy herself, Marsha has admitted to being her own nightmare client, and has successfully turned her pain into solutions for others.

In the early years, Marsha  specialized in clients with Chronic Disorganization and Paperwork Issues, but that quickly expanded to specializing in kitchen, closet, garage, residential organizing and decluttering, coupled with skills in paperwork, filing systems, productivity and time management organizing for businesses as well as home offices

But Marsha’s special focus was always on her clients and their special needs; not on “stuff.”  She could never judge you, because “I have been where you are.”  She prided herself on understanding what got her clients’ organizing off track in the first place, and creating special strategies to help them get organized… their way.


Marsha Sims has been featured in media, having appeared on local and national television, on numerous radio programs, in newspapers, local and national magazines, business journals and in blogs.

In addition, Marsha has been a frequent contributor to local publications, and is often asked to speak for local organizations.

From teacher – to professional speaker – back to teacher

Marsha comes from a long line of teachers.  Her grandparents taught at Florida A&M University in the 1940’s and 1950, her parents were school teachers, her father becoming a school principal during her school years, and then a school administrator (assistant superintendent) while Marsha was in college.

After college, of course Marsha became a teacher, but not wanting to follow in her family’s footsteps, she soon opened several businesses; a lingerie manufacturing company, a real estate company, and then Sort-It-Out, Inc.

Over the past 22 years, while running Sort-It-Out, Marsha wrote five books, and did a 3 ½ year stint as a professional speaker, traveling all over the United States speaking for a national seminar company.

After leaving the seminar company Marsha settled in to do what she does best… teach!  She started with local classes, seminars and workshops, and then because of her need to hire organizers, started a training class for people to learn the skill of organizing for clients.  “I just wanted to create a pool of organizers who would be able to work with our clients.”

With the emergence of the internet, and the popularity of her classes, people asked if she could train them to work with clients, and her CFO (client-focused professional organizer) webinar program was born!

Her coauthor and colleague Sandra Felton suggested that she create online classes for people who wanted to get organized at home, and she did.  After successfully  teaching twelve separate organizing classes (From Organizing 101 to Clutter-Free-Forever), Marsha decided to combine them into a one-year program that combined her then 22 years of information into one magnificent class that would teach everything you need to know to get yourself organized!  The SOS Organizing Program does just that.  It is THE premier program that truly helps people where they are… at a price unheard of in the organizing industry!  “There is nowhere in the WORLD where you can talk to a professional organizer for $27!  WIth our program, we are determined to be there for our students… regardless of their  situation.”


Marsha Sims has co5 days book-authored four books on organizing in North America: “Organizing Your Day,” “Smart Office Organizing,” “5 Days to a Clutter-Free House” (Baker Books), 10 Time Management Tips that will Oragnizize Your Life (?), and one book in German, in Germany “Eikenfranken du Burro” (I can’t even read it!).

Formerly a monthly organizing expert columnist for the ________________ and the _______________. Marsha is a frequent contributor to local publications, and is often asked to speak for local organizations.

Humor, wisdom, compassion (find a quote)

With experience, humor, and the keen ability to understand our underlying motives, master professional organizer Marsha Sims’ passion is to teach her students how to organize and control the massive amounts of information, clutter, and paper they get on a daily basis.

Awards & Recognition

For the first fourteen years of her career, Marsha was an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and served as chairman of the certification committee, the committee that was tasked with the creation of the CPO designation for professional organizers.  Marsha has been the recipient of numerous awards and designations. She is a member of NAPO’s Golden Circle, a testament to her outstanding knowledge and experience in the field of professional organizing, and has received the _____ from (that Tony Gary organization), and the coveted Distinguished Toastmaster designation.

Family and education

Marsha is the proud mother of three professional, college-educated sons who are her confidants and best friends!  She graduated magna cum laude from Florida A&M University; a proud tradition in her family.