Get Organized Today

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Today, Get Organized!
At Sort-It-Out, Inc. we provide a combination of services and programs designed to help you learn to get organized. We leave no stone un-turned. Whether you prefer to read, listen, or interact, we’ve got you covered!
Organizing Classes
We offer classes to help you learn to get organized on your own. Some classes are taught by Marsha Sims personally in a live webinar format, others are recorded in advance and you can listen when it is most convenient for you.

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SOS Organizing Program


Do you need to hire a professional organizer to help you get organized?
The answer is no; you can learn to get organized yourself. This unique training program is a do-it-yourself, step-by-step program that comes with built-in support. It includes a private online forum for accountability.
If you have tried to get organized and failed, if you feel you need help but don’t want to spend a lot of $$, or if you need to get organized on your own time, this program will work for you!

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FAST Filing System


Just imagine… in 12 weeks you can be fully competent in managing any paper issue you are faced with. The goal of the F.A.S.T. Filing System is to help you get all of your papers filed and in order once and for all.
In this easy-paced filing class you will learn everything you need to know to clear up the paper piles, once and for all. You will start with Marsha’s FAST Sorting process which includes handling ALL of your action files, then move to creating your filing system using her custom framework to keep track of every piece of paper. When the course is over you will have created 150 files, and you will have completed 20 of your most important things-to-do!

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Organizing Mastery


The only can’t-fail program in the industry. With the Organizing Mastery Program your organizing is GUARANTEED to get done!
Why does it work so well? Because you and your classmates actually do your organizing during the program. And you learn HOW to organize, which means you learn how to keep it up. Learn for yourself; learn from others. The results are absolutely unbelievable!

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Hands-On Professional Organizing Services – in your home or office
We train professional organizers in our exclusive technique called “Client-Focused Organization.” When our organizers come to you they will focus on your specific needs, ask you about your organizing goals, and help you to get from where you are to where you want to go. Our organizers are skilled in the “AVK” method, and “SORT” Personality style awareness. The customized systems they set up with you will help you not only for now, but for the long run.
In addition, they can come back and help you maintain it.

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