Case Study 1 – Young Mom


Part 5a1 – Case Study 1 – Young Mom

The Problem:
Karen is a 20-something new mom.  She left her corporate job as a buyer for a large department store to get married and stay home and raise a family.  She started out idealistic with big dreams, but now her dreams have turned to messiness and drudgery.  “My baby takes up my entire day, and by the time my husband comes home the house is (still) a mess, clothes aren’t washed, dinner is barely done… and I feel awful!”  Admitting that she misses her corporate friends she says, “he (the baby) can’t talk to me about the latest trends in shoes and purses, and my husband isn’t interested in that stuff.  I feel all alone and abandoned.  Like my life is relegated to diapers and clutter that is becoming overwhelming!”
Then she says, “I think if I could just get the clutter cleared up, and get a routine, my life could at least have a semblance of normalcy.”
The Solution:
Karen is overworked and feeling frustrated.  First, we listened.  She needed to talk to someone who understood.  We helped her clear the clutter, and establish places for everything.  First we created area for baby’s things.  She was surprised at how much she had for the baby, and she couldn’t see it all because it was scattered all over the place.  Diapers went in one area, baby toys in another, and baby clothes in his dresser.  When we finished, she was really happy.  Then we created a schedule with her so she could see how much time she actually had.  We suggested she talk with her husband about which two days he would watch the baby so she could get out and socialize with adults… and she started creating after-work “dates” with some of her old coworkers.  EVerything started to fall into place because now Karen had what she needed.  Cleared space, with everything in a specific place where she could find it and keep it there, a system for cleaning / organizing so she could keep her home looking nice by keeping the space clear, and time for herself.  Karen was thrilled!
  1. Karen learned that she had normal frustrations, and that there was nothing wrong with her.  She was not a failure as a mom, she just needed some support.
  2. A place for everything, and everything in its place.  We created “homes” for item-types (diapers vs clothing vs legal information, etc.
  3. A daily / weekly / monthly system so Karen knows here everything should go, and what she should be doing every day.
  4. A life.  Karen was able to get her old life back a little… yet keep her new life.  By being able to be with her friends, Karen was able to let her hair down and enjoy herself, making her a better mother when she returned home.