Case Studies


Reading through these client success stories will help you better understand how we work with clients, what their real-life issues are, and the results they’ve achieved through classes and workshops, the SOS and CFO programs, coaching, and hands-on organizing.  You may recognize some of your own challenges or issues in one or more of these case studies.
These stories tell the situation before they started working with us, what we did and what the results were.
We feel these case studies are very persuasive, and that you will put yourself in the place of the clients you see here, so you can see yourself receiving the same benefits. They will give you a real sense of what it’s like to work with us and what kind of results you can expect to receive.
Case Study 1 – 20 Something, Stay-at-Home Mom
Karen was oh-so frustrated!  Her new baby was consuming her days and nights, and she stopped leaning / organizing.
Case Study 2 – Overwhelmed Divorced Working Mother
Jeanette dropped her third child off at daycare to get to work just in time, to go through another long day, to pick Abby up after work, to get home in time to make dinner and help Annabelle and Andy with their homework, to run by the church and fold flyers, to visit mom in the hospital, to tuck the children in for the night, to fall in bed exhausted, to wake up, shower and get the children up, to getting them on the bus, to dropping Abby off at daycare, to get to work just in time…  This was Jeanette’s life, and she was overwhelmed, frustrated, unhappy and… tired!
Case Study 3 – Work from Home
Cara, a 52 year old professional coach in Alberquerque, NM runs her coaching business from home.  Her office is located in her daughter’s old bedroom, which still had remnants of her daughter’s life there.  Cara was ready to make her business more professional.
Case Study 4 – Downsizing
Carl and Judy worked hard, raised their children, and now were finally moving to their dream home.. a Florida condo!  Their 3500 square foot Connecticut ranch home was no longer needed, and they packed it up and moved it all, and it won’t fit!  What are they going to do?  Do they have to abandon all of their memories to squeeze into their new home?
Case Study 5 – Hoarder
When Deanna opened her door, tears came to my eyes.  There was not one place to sit, to eat, to read, to do anything.  The walls were lined with boxes, and she had to walk through paths to get from one room to another.  Her story is one of courage, and of hope.  Yes… it’s possible to reclaim your home if you are a hoarder.
Case Study 6 – Small Business Owner
John, a 42 year old owner of a small auto-repair shop was swamped in papers in his cramped quarters.  He needed a solution that didn’t involve moving to a new location.