3 Steps to Ending Paper Messes

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To People Who Struggle with Too Much Paper:
You know who you are.  You have piles, and some of your piles have piles.  You can’t always find what you need when you need it, because you don’t have a system that stock-photo-messy-designer-s-table-with-blank-note-and-tools-186754508works for you.  Or your file drawers are stuffed to the gills, and you don’t have any more space for more files, so they are spilling out into stacks near the file cabinet.  And then there are the papers that don’t really belong anywhere, and the magazines…
Does this Define You?
When you can’t find things, you feel under seige by all of the papers.  It’s frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing.  You can’t get your work done on time, because you are dependent on something that you “just had a minute ago,” and now it’s buried in a pile.  This kind of stress can also take a toll on your health and/or your relationships.  Suppose your boss comes in and you don’t have the papers you need?  Suppose your child needs a paper for school and you can no longer find it?  How does that make you feel?
And… it can get worse.  If you don’t know what to do with the papers now, and you simply allow piles to grow and grow and grow… where will it end?  It’s not a pretty picture!  We’ve all heard the story about the Collier Brothers in NYC who were smothered by their papers, or the people on the show, “Hoarders.”  Point: it CAN get worse!
But… there is a solution.  You CAN solve your paper problem, once and for all.  There are three steps involved:  I call it, Having the right system, Having the right habits, and Having the right tools.  One without the other won’t work.


1. Create a System
You need different systems for different types of papers that you want to save.  Papers that require ACTION are handled differently than papers that just need to be filed away for future REFERENCE.  Bills and receipts, client files, etc… need a system.  Once you have a system, you will know where each type of paper belongs.  This will eliminate your current piles.
2. Use the Appropriate “Tools”
A file cabinet is the tool that you need to house papers.  If you don’t get one, chances are, sooner or later, you will end up with paper piles.  I know… file cabinets are not beautiful, but they work for the intended purpose.  Make sure your file cabinet is large enough for the amount of papers you want to store.  If you have eight drawers worth of paper, it won’t fit into six drawers.  If you need to save a lot; you need to have more filing capacity.  Period.
3. Maintain the System
Maintenance is the key to keeping it all together.  Allow a minimum of 15 minutes every day to maintain your systems.  If you don’t, they will grow out of hand again.  If you do, your paper piles will disappear forever.
This three-step solution solves the problem of papers because it covers all of the bases of organization.  Many times people have a system or a tool without pairing them to the habits, or a great tool and a commitment to maintenance, but their system is flawed.  One without the other will not work.  All three together create the solution you are looking for.
This program is unique in that it combines, in a simple and quantifyable way, the things you should do to get your papers under control.
Marjorie, a student in my Clutter-free class, was shuffling papers back and forth.  “You know,” she said, ” the papers that will be with you for life!”.  Marjorie took the three steps seriously.  “First I created your “to-do action file” system to take care of the action papers in my pile.  Then I created your 5-category “File-by-color” system.  It was amazing how all of my papers seemed to melt into the system.  The only thing left was outstanding bills.  Once you showed me how to handle them, my piles disappeared and even more amazing than that… they are still gone!  My papers-for-life might still be with me, but they are no longer on my counters!”
My three-step solution helped Marjorie because it gave her easy, specific, measurable action steps that she could do, on her own, to get rid of the piles that had been plaguing her.  Today, Marjorie reports “I took my son to the beach yesterday.  Normally I spend every day agonizing about the mess in my home.  But since all of the papers are put away, I have so much relief!  My home looks beautiful — I thank you and my son thanks you!
You don’t have to have paper piles… or clutter… if you simply follow the three steps above.
For more information, please go to: www.clutterfreeuniversity.com
Or feel free to contact me: marshasims@sortitout.net