10 Qualities of a Professional Organizer

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Organizing is not about the stuff; It’s about us.  It’s about what we are thinking about or not thinking about.  It’s about the actions we are doing (collecting things we don’t need or want) or not doing (not spending any time at all on our organizing).  It’s about how we feel (“I don’t *feel* like hanging up my clothes right now.)
Because this is true, the best organizer for you may not have to be the most organized person in the world.  Maybe she was once where you are, and has the skills to speak your language, understand how you got in this mess in the first place, and knows the path to get you out… because she’s walked it herself.
Here are the qualities I believe are the most important ones you should seek in your prospective organizer.
  1. Integrity.  You need an organizer you can trust with your reasons and your secrets.  She will know where things are in your home, and you need to know that she will keep everything about your appointment and your information confidential.
  2. Honesty.  You need someone who will help you evaluate your mess, and honestly assess where you are, and if and how she can help you.  But most importantly you need someone who will be honest with you.  Tell you the truth. Organizing your way out of a mess is not easy, but a good organizer will stick with you and actually help you.
  3. Compassion.  Your organizer needs to be a compassionate partner.  Not challenge you; not push you into making hard decisions; and certainly not throw your things away.  She should gently ask you why you are keeping certain things, and listen to your answers.  You may have a reason for keeping some things, or you may simply need to express why before you can let something go.
  4. Understanding.  It helps to have someone assist you who understands you.  If she can understand your struggle, she will be an invaluable ally in helping you to alleviate your pain.  Organizing hurts.  It’s miserable.  We don’t like it but we know we have to do it.  You want an organizer who understand that.
  5. Empathy.  The best way someone can understand and share your feelings is if they have been there themselves.  Walked a mile in your moccasins.  If your organizer once struggled with messiness and now wants to help people, you can be sure she has empathy with your situation.  And that will work to your advantage.
  6. Kindness.  Your organizer should always be kind to you.  She should take your needs into consideration.  After all, this is your day… the day for you to be successful and finally make a breakthrough in your organizing.  This is not easy, and she should honor your courage.
  7. Patience.  You need an organizer who will be patient with you, and allow you to make the necessary decisions.  Sometimes decisions are hard.  She should have a process so that if you can’t make a decision in the moment she doesn’t have to press you – she can move on to the next thing while you are processing making decisions.
  8. Persistence.  Your organizer should ask you, and then keep reminding you of your goal for the day.  It will help you stay focused, and help you keep your goal for the day at the forefront.  She will help you get there, and will cheer you on, always in the direction of your goals.
  9. Non-judgemental.  Your organizer should not judge you.  You want to feel comforted by  knowing that the person who is there to help you is doing so from the heart, because she really, really wants to see you succeed.  An organizer who started out with an organizing problem won’t judge you, because she’s been there herself.  Once you learn something, you enjoy sharing it.  Our organizers are focused on your success.
  10. Ability to listen.  All of the professional organizers who are trained in the CFO (client-focused organizer) method of organizing are trained to listen to you.  They are trained in a method of understanding your personality style and creating systems with you that emphasize your strengths and not your weaknesses.

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Interested in Becoming a Professional Organizer?
If you possess the above qualities, and the desire, you might have what it takes to become a great professional organizer.
And if that’s the case, you are in luck!
If you are a nice person, and you are interested in learning how to use your innate qualities – integrity, honesty, compassion, understanding, empathy, kindness, patience, persistence, non-judment, and ability to listen – to help others get organized, please click this link for more information, or send an email : marshasims@sortitout.net.
We can teach anyone how to organize a closet or clean up a room (or a house), but we can’t teach you to be a good person.
Only good people need apply!
Have a wonderful day!

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